Release Management

Configuration Management without the overhead and headaches

Tableaux is a framework that enhances your existing build/release capability to provide full DevOps functionality, workflow management, environment management, auditing, non-repudiation, and the best release management tool on the market.

It saves you time, money and significantly improves the quality of your software development process from development to production.

Release Management on steroids

Cutting-edge release management system fusing your existing build/release tools to state-of-the-art workflow engine.
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World-class CM without the overhead

Implement your CM policy without adding red tape to your developers or admins.
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Replace your war-room

Digitally manage your largest releases and even generate your implementation plans.
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Manage releases with components spanning differing OSs, architectures, and vendors.
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Tableaux scales to the largest organisations, handling hundreds of concurrent software projects.
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Remove human error

Automation is the key to removing human error. Reproduce your release identically in dev, test and prod.
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Trusted by key organisations

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Thank you for a wonderful, well thought out tool. Tableaux eases the burden of making changes to production, reducing our manual mistakes, and saving time and money.
Stanley Hopcroft
Networks, IP Australia